Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Topic For Today is: Phonies

We all know about the Goonies. I also think that many of us know about phonies.
That is right! Phonies! Wind! Liars! Fakes! Manipulators! Heart Breakers! PHONIES!

I know why.

Yes I know why the net fosters phonies. I know why BDSM sites, chat rooms, and email breed phonies. People like to live in their fantasies. They like to lurk in the dark. They can and do lead effective phony lives where they can be a MASTER an Authority, a slave, without doing a single thing but lie and fantasize. Some have Internet affairs and masturbate and use the net for sexual release. There are many more reasons, but these seem to be the main reasons.

Sad but true

Phonies, liars and fakes hurt us all. More than hurting everyone, there are individuals both male and female that are lied to, manipulated and used for the satisfaction of others. Wankers, wank and plan and manipulate the lonely. HEARTS GET BROKEN! TEARS ARE SHED! PEOPLE GET HURT!

The Predators

The predators are split lived schizophrenics, boarder line personality disordered, and aggressive. Some do not even know who they are. Most don't know what they want. Some can not, and will not ever meet who they have been e-mailing and I'M ing. They always figure a way out, always leaving the ruin of their ways on the people they have lied to.

The Prey

Yes! Prey! I will pray for all of those who are alone, lonely and in pain. A quick fix, of a relationship seems to be their answer. I can not say enough about these relationships that foster dreams and fantasies and leave ruin and destruction in there paths. I do not know a way to fix this for the many who suffer from broken promises, lies and deception. All I can say is be aware. Know that the wolves hunt, capture, and destroy their prey. If you wish to take that risk, then be cautious in your quest to find what you are searching for.

Instant Masters, Slaves and Subs.

I want to be a Master! I want to be a slave! She wants to be a Mistress! No problem, no problem at all. Just go on to the web read a few fictional articles, a few videos of slaves being beaten, forced to do unrealistic things, having sex with any Master or Mistress that orders it done. No common sense at all, just action, action, action. Stupidity with no respect for life, feelings, humankind, or sanity. This is not the way to learn. It is corrupt with excitement with very little reality, if any at all.

I am sorry.
I am sorry for those who believe the crap and practices, that are put onto the willing. I am sorry for the slaves and subs who blindly obey the ones who know nothing and pass themselves off as Masters/Mistresses. I am sorry for the Masters and Mistresses who are disappointed by slaves and subs coming to live with them, that never show up. Yes I am sorry. All of us need to be sorry and aware of what lurks in our community.

Duty Calls

This site, 411bdsm.co is being developed for REAL LIFESTYLE PEOPLE. It is our duty to listen and be aware of the fakes and phonies. When the Real People find something that doesn't add up, it is thrust upon us to act. Please contact Mistress Lynn, or Mark Wise/ spankey or a Board Member. Let's do our part to stop the damage that we all suffer from. Remember the fakes hurt our lifestyle, and tarnish what we are really all about. It is not funny, it is very damaging and sad.

This is a MW production written for and produced for 411bdsm.co
If you are having emotional issues, please contact a mental health care professional, in person
We encourage and open forum. We would like to hear from you. If you would like to write MW about your personal issues please write to: four11bdsm@yahoo.com


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