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The Fetish of Today Is: Kidnapping Fetish


The kidnapping fetish can be very enjoyable, but it can be very dangerous.
With our world being the way it is, terrorists behind every door, scam artists looking through every window, and the Law put in the position of acting, out of not only safety, but out of liability, it is a very spooky place.
The kidnapping fetish if well planned and executed, can be one of the best mind fucks in the lifestyle. Remember with any fetish behaviors, there is RISK involved.

How It Works

Well let's see. We will need one kidnapper, one WILLING slave or sub, a blind fold, some rope, maybe a chain or two, a car or van, and a PLAN.

The Plan

Sit down with the people that are going to carry this scene out and discuss what is the purpose and the goal of the scene. Planning makes for a fun filled experience and a safe one too. I can not express safety enough. Picking the right sub or slave comes next. Next is sitting down with the slave and telling him or her in general what is going to happen. Do not share the when or where. This leaves the slave anxious and waiting for the kidnapping to happen. Keep the plans very general and sketchy to the slave or sub. In so doing you keep "the power". Surprise, and expectation mixed with loss of control is very stimulating to the slave. It also offers a tremendous amount of power to the Master or Mistress. SWEET! Remember, the better the plan, the safer and the more enjoyable this fetish is.

Whats it all about?

Whats it is all about, you may wonder. As in most bdsm scenes it is about power, loss of power, control, loss of control, Adrenalin and the physical reactions, the mental reactions and the manipulation of reality. We manipulate the reality system by taking ourselves somewhere we have never been before. Most of us have read about kidnapping. We have watched kidnapping in the movies and on television, we have even read about it in the news paper, however, we have not experienced it.
Most of us or all of us have never experienced the power or the terror of this act. In the lifestyle fetish, of kidnapping we have the opportunity to experience kidnapping in a CONTROLLED MANNER.
I am not advocating this type of play. I would even classify it as edge play for some. (for me) It is not for everyone, and sometimes the fantasies are better than the realities.

Important Details

You must write out, type out, a contract. The contract and consent form must be signed by all parties involved. This is no Joke! The contract protects all parties, and it allows any person (law enforcement) to know about what is going on. Safe Words MUST BE USED IN THESE SCENES. We never know what kind of feelings will be triggered while in these types of scenes.

The Scenario

Well the time has come. Mount up. Keep in mind that the intention of this experience is about creating erotic sensations, a touch of erotic terror, and fun. Make sure you keep it that way. Go to the slaves house, and blindfold the slave or sub. Use hand signaling. The more mystery, the better the outcome. Put the slave/sub into the car of van. Drive around a while, mixing up direction, sounds, emotions, Stay still and quiet. Allow the slaves mind to wander. Stop the car get out and walk for a while, drive by sights and sounds that the slave can not see. Actuate as many of the senses as possible. Touch the slave, pet the salve, breath heavy in their ears and sensitive places. Arouse the subject as much as possible mixing pleasure, eroticism and a taste of terror all in one. This will bring great pleasure to the slave or sub and will bring fascination, control and power to the Master or Mistress involved.

Safe Person

It is always wise to include a third party. The third party is the safety valve.
Remember you are playing with someones head. Reactions are unknown of all parties and how they will respond. The third party, the safety valve has complete control over the whole scene. He or she can stop the scene, start the scene of slow it down. ALL CONTROL SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE SAFETY VALVE PARTY.



Personal note: I am very apprehensive to discuss and write about this topic anywhere. I do realize it is a reality in the lifestyle, so I have tried to give all of us a safe, protected way of "having our cake and eating it too". I am not involved in any of this kind of play. I feel very angry and upset when any human being STEALS the rights, and will ,from another without ADULT CONSENT of both parties involved. I do not approve or disapprove of this kind of play. I only wish to further the knowledge of all parties in the bdsm lifestyle. MW

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