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Todays Topic is: Adult Babies

I just like to say before I start that, this fetish has nothing to do with children, babies, or abuse. The AB fetish is based in Adult Play/Role Play and is not connected with babies in any way. In fact, if this is why you are reading this, I suggest you get a good Mental Health Care professional and get help NOW!


I started this series on fetish behaviors with the word Acceptance. Yes...Acceptance of other's sexual behaviors and proclivities. We are all different. We all look different and we all think differently. Some of the behaviors I have seen in dungeons directed at Adult Babies is intolerable. For a group of BDSM
people to judge, harass, and reject people who are different then themselves, is sad and ironic to say the least.

We all must accept each other in our play and in our lives. We may not have to agree with one another, but let us foster the lifestyle and the openness it affords us and that we ourselves demand from the vanilla world.

Adult Babies

Ain't that a paradox? Well yes and no. On the outside, Ab's look they are in the center of a paradox being pulled both ways. On the inside they want what the slave or sub want. Mommies and Daddies in the lifestyle also want the same things that Ab's do. Ab's being no different on the inside as a slave or a sub. What they seek and want is, first acceptance to be who they are. They want CONTROL TAKEN AWAY from them. THEY WANT TO FEEL LOVED. THEY SEEK TO BE NURTURED AS WELL AS SPANKED, AND PUNISHED. THEY ALSO SEEK APPROVAL OF MOMMY OR DADDY. I hope you recognize the similarities between the BDSM Lifestyle and the AB "scene"

Play Toys

The play toys are different in the AB life than in the bdsm lifestyle. Some do cross over. Ab's use baby bottles, balls, pacifiers, plastic rings, teethe rs, and many look like items from their babyhood. Ab's dress in frocks, (like cross dressers) wear bonnets, Onesies Overalls, Short tails, plastic pants and diapers. In looks it is a far cry from the bdsm slave or sub. If we think about it, however, we will find that the bdsm slave and sub wear rubber outfits, leather straps, rings, hoods, and leather cods. If you think about it we are not so different.

Inside Fetishes

I think it is also important to mention, that inside the AB fetish there are other fetish behaviors. The wearing of diapers, the smell of rubber pants, the loss of bladder control and wetting or even messing are in what I will term fetishes inside of fetishes. I will also mention that there are many similarities in the bds life. Some of us love leather, others love rubber. As some of us like to be spanked, others like to be nurtured. Again acceptance is the key.


As some slaves or subs, Masters and Mistresses life the lifestyle 24/7, some ABS, Mommies and Daddies live the AB lifestyle in the same manner. In fact my First Dome' was a Dome' Mommy and I was forced to wear diapers and plastic pants at her command. Lifestyle living is lifestyle living. It is constant and it flows with the natural life rhythms of the Vanilla lifestyle.

Inner Journey

The AB lifestyle offers a non-violent, non-aggressive form of surrender, loss of self in the AB state of mind, peace and self acceptance. In addition the cross-over to the bdsm lifestyle offers us ALL a chance to enlarge our horizons and the scope of our lifestyle. AB offers, humiliation, loss of control, high emotional state and a head space that is very pleasant to visit.

More Fetishes

There are many more fetish behaviors to discuss. I will attempt to do just that in future articles.

Mondays article will be a very controversial article. WATCH FOR IT!

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