Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Topic For Today is Discovery and Therapy

This is NOT a paid political announcement! It is Important!
If you are going to some kind of therapy the keys are: 1. Set a goal. In other words what do you want to know about yourself, and where you want to go. 2. Listen. Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth. 3. Don't run! Denial and anger are two signs that the "truth" about yourself is present. 4. Do not expect change for several visits. If the goal is to "change yourself" it takes time. You may be able to change cognitive thinking, Pre-frontal lobe thinking, everyday actions, you will not be able to change your persona so quickly. 5. Give time, time. Slow down, we all move to fast. 6. Drugs. When you go to the therapist GO SOBER. Work done when you are high is waisted money and time. 7. Take notes. I know some therapists or counselors say no. You will be very lucky to maintain one idea if you don't write key thoughts or ideas down. 8. Honesty. Be honest. If you lie, shade the truth, or hide the facts WHY GO? I assure you that the therapist has heard it all anyway. Besides if they haven't ,then it may be time to change therapists. 9. Willingness. Be willing to share your insides and your secrets. We are only as sick as our secretes. 10. Safe Place. Make sure you feel safe with the therapist and the place. If you do not it's time to move on. Being scared is OK. Being terrorized is not. Hope this helps all the courageous people who want to know and want a better, healthier life. MW


Sexuality is a discovery. Kinda funny huh? When we are born we begin to explore the world around us. Outside of ourselves first. As time goes on an infant discovers his or her genitals. He or she begins to associate pleasure and pain, warmth, comfort, and excitement. What is happening is the mind is taking snap shots of what is good, what we like, what we don't like, and the subconscious mind continues to be programed, sort of like a camera or a video. The video keeps being made throughout our lives.

Time Marches On
As we move into puberty, sexual feelings both physical and emotional begin to form. Some People find that they are more sexual than others. The male seemingly "acts out more than the female, but on closer examination we find that surveys do not indicate that. The female is more covert in their sexual behaviors throughout puberty.
Here in the 21st Century this is also changing at an enormous rate.

The Rest of Your Life

Fact: Woman think differently then Men. That is not good or bad, it is just the way we are made! Fact a woman's brain and a mans brain are physically different. Fact Woman and Men where brought up with different sexual ideas and behaviors. Fact a mans mind and a woman's mind react to different stimuli at different times and in diffeent ways. This fact causes different emotional reponces.
If we look at our lives as a journey, we are prepared to make certain discoveries. Sexual preferences are discoveries we make on our journey. What we like, what we dislike, what we need and what we want are a part of the discoveries we make.
For example, I am a slave with a slave heart. I want to serve a dominant female. I love making my Dom me' happy. These behaviors and responces enhances who and what I am.
Everyone has sexual desires. The question remains, how deep are they and when or if they will be discovered and explored. Every subject I have covered, in the last several days, comes from a discovery of some kind or another. Discovery is a wondrous thing. For some of us discovery brings confusion and terror. For some of us it is our life's quest.


LOL! I write this with tongue-n-cheek. It needs to be said. Those people that have sexual desires, thoughts, or feelings that cause others unwanted harm or pain, abuse, or damage, need to examine those behaviors and thoughts. I suggest that you see someone right away. Key words here are Sane Consensual and In control or our actions. Good healthy emotional choices and itellectual choices make for healthy play and a healthy life.

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