Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Topic For Today Is; Power and Humiliation\

"The mind is the most powerful sex organ that the body has". That's the truth!
Our minds, our thinking, not only creates the thoughts we think of, it creates the stimulation that the mind uses for sexuality and all forms of sexual play.

A View From the top.

Our heads are on top of our body. Inside of our heads is a brain. ( for most of us) The brain is a motor. It is light beige in color. like a Mellon. It weights about 2-3 lbs. It is not as squishy as you may think, but more rubbery in nature. It controls everything we do, form the smallest task to the largest and deepest thoughts. Your brain contains the memories of you first cum, you first erection or orgasm. I can remember sights and sounds, and smells from long ago. It is faster than any man made computer and it can process more information than any electronic device. It has all the accessories of a fine Automobile. We all have one of these, right at the top of our bodies! What does this have to do with the lifestyle? You may be asking yourselves that, so here are the answers.


The brain paints all the pictures in our lives. It gives us our attitudes, stimulation, thoughts, and what "turns us on". It gives us sensation, pleasure, and pain. It makes us feel embarrassed or humiliated. It drives the whole sexual system.
When you were young, your parents may have done something to you that was humiliating, or embarrassing. In so doing the subconscious brain may remember that moment and the feelings that were created at that time. This is where likes and dislikes are born. If it was a pleasurable experience your brain locks those emotions and feelings in. It is now part of your sexual system.

A Story.

When I was 7 years old, on the way home, I felt really sick. It was a hot day but I just didn't feel right. When I got home my Mom who was a very sexual person had me go to the medicine cabinet and get the Rectal thermometer. Mom had me lay across her lap.
She greased up the thermometer and inserted it into my backside. It felt good to me. In fact my small penis became erect. The door bell rang and one of her girlfriends was at the door. "Come on in" she called out.
The other woman entered the room and sat down as my 4 minutes was not up. Of course the two woman discussed what was going on, as if I wasn't there. My penis was still erect and the neighbor noticed. " Young man she said", "yes I replied" If you were Gary my son he would be put to bed for that with no super.". My penis only got harder. My mother tried to justify my erection as normal, which it was. The neighbor lady was having none of that. When I was finished I had a 102 degree temperature. I was told to go and get in my Pajamas and get into bed. The neighborhood lady told my mother that I needed a good spanking before I was allowed to go to sleep. The neighbor then put me over her lap and spanked me until I was in tears and my erection had gone away. Funny thing about that. It is still a scene I like to re-create. You see the stimulation points or triggers where all present. Stimulation, erection, response, safety, warmth, loving care, and sexuality as well as pain and pleasure. My brain locked all of these factors inside of it and later they would become part of my operating system, sexual system, and even my need system.


I was conditioned by my Mothers dominance of my father and off my brother. What we see when we are young we inculcate inside of our own Psyche. When my Mother used to badger my father and he would obey her, I was watching and listening to all of this. It was programed into my consciousness as a good thing and the right thing. As a result I always crave serving a dominant female. I enjoy the power of a strong yet loving Domme' and I enjoy them having power over me. Along the way, I associated freedom with erotica and female domination

Pleasure Center.

Behind the subconscious mind is a small center that is called the pleasure center. It operates to detect pleasure and to produce serotonin. Serotonin creates feelings of well being. As the brain is stimulated serotonin is released into the pleasure center. We remember pleasure and the feelings that go with it. We, therefore, select and keep these sexual memories and they are re-created all through our lives.

It Don't Matter!
It doesn't matter what you like, what you dislike. It is all there, in the melon called the Brain

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