Monday, January 19, 2009

Todays Topic Is Laughter

Good morning! Tell me, what does laughter have to do with BDSM and the lifestyle...anyway????? I will share with you, but only if you promise to laugh.


Facts only the facts Son.

OK! OK! OK! already!

Did you know that the American Bureau of Insurance states that 6 seconds of Laughter and a 6 second hug each day produces less car accidents?

Studies at John Hopkins University show conclusively that heart rate and central nervous system and respiration are affected in a positive way when someone is laughing.

Other studies indicate that a great deal of stress is reduced due to laughter.

This is all valid and validated information.

Why is laughter important for the bdsm lifestyle?

I'd like to ask, why is laughter seemingly absent in many dungeons and play scenes?

Maybe we forget that we are in the lifestyle for FUN and enjoyment. Well I am here to remind you. The human being, the mind body and soul, calls out to be happy, in harmony, and in sync. with the universe. Laughter is an important component of our very existence.

A story

As I have shared with you before. iIam a slave. My Mistress does not always play with me. She actually likes to watch, more than she likes to play. I am blessed in that I have many Mistresses that like to play with me in the dungeon. One of my very first times playing with a Mistress other than my Mistress was very very funny. I did not see the funny things then, well maybe a little bit, but what a memory of fun and laughter. I was given to a Mistress Jane. She is a wonderful Mistress, lifestyle Dome and a teacher. She has become a very good friend over the years. After I signed the release forms the party began. She had me strip naked and I was lead to the horse. I was bent over, and chained down to the four legs of the horse. My but high in the air, my heart pounding, a crowd watching on to see spankey "get his".... a fart.... I farted.... My face red as a Beet my heart pounding, Mistress comes to my head and raises it up. Mistress asks, "What do you say?" I didn't know what to say. Well... errr well... I'm sorry Mistress. Mistress then said, " Not good enough" Oh shit, now what, I thought. She bellowed, " I'm waiting slave"! "Excuse Me Mistress! Ah a smile from Mistress. "It's OK ,my boy, lots of slaves get nervous and pass gas." I was humiliated to death. :) As I raised my posture to accept my session....Fart. :) Mistress beat my butt with a zest and zeal that I had not experienced before. It was wonderful! after the entire session, we all sat around and laughed for hours. fffffart. LOL


Laughter is the nectar of life. Some of the activities we partake in are serious and need complete focus. I always try and remember I am in the lifestyle for the celebration. What celebration, can ever be complete, without laughter?

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