Friday, January 2, 2009

Todays Topic Is: Fetishes

Today I want to talk about Fetishes. We all have them, even Vanillas have them.
As stated before, sexuality, what we like, what we love, what we need are all inside of us and programed at a very young age. We spend many years discovering what those Fetishes are, and how we are going to work them into our lives. Some of us deny them, and some of us become afraid of them. No matter what we do with them, "they are in there".

We are more different in our sexuality then we are in how we look. We are also more different in what we think than how we look to one another.

We live by making choices. The best way to choose anything we do, especially in the area of Fetishes is to gather information, process the information, and discuss it with your significant other. Again...DISCUSS IT WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER!

Well of course use good judgement in all things you do. The judgement I wish to mention is JUDGING OTHERS? Why do we bdsm folk judge others so harshly?
When I went down the stairs to my first play party and meeting, I could not believe what I saw. All people, different shapes sizes, color, creeds, and all seemingly had made different lifestyle choices. I wanted to run, to hide, and not come back. I stayed. It was wonderful! It was also a wonderful time to LEARN ABOUT MYSELF!

We Yell and we cry and we talk
We yell out to the Vanilla word. We are no different than you. The only thing that is different is our sexuality. I have been in those conversations many times. Then I think about how the people in the dungeon or at a Munch or at a club meeting do not accept other people with other fetishes. Can anyone tell me why?

The Reason
The reason our mind does this judging, rejecting thing is out of fear. Fear of not understanding, fear of difference, fear of being lumped together with others that are different than ourselves.

What to do.
Accept others for who what the are. We all want to be accepted. We all want to belong.
Maybe if we accept others as they are, Fetishes included, we will be accepted by others that we want to be accepted by.

Tomorrow I will discuss some of the different fetishes that we all have or all that we have to deal with.

In conclusion

We must all learn to treat others as we want to be treated.

If you are having mental health problems, please contact an in person mental health care professional.
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