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The Topic For Today is: Fetish/Enema

Welcome to the Counselors Corner. This weeks articles are about Fetish behaviors. Today's subject are Enemas. It is impossible to provide all the information on many of these Fetish behaviors. The net has many articles FAQs and sites dedicated to this one Fetish. My thoughts on any fetish is that we all obtain knowledge. We also must strive for the acceptance of other peoples Fetishes and for understanding of wants, needs, and desires.

Enema History
The Enema dates back to the time of the Egyptians. The Ibis bird had a hollow bill and used to suck water in its beak to distribute to their young. The Egyptians would observe this bird, and with hollow reeds very available they soon began to use this technique to clean many things including the Bowel the Stomach and the Penis. Some think it was the first use of "sounds".

The Psychology of the Enema
There are two words that sum up all analytical data when it comes to the use of an Enema in fetish play. POWER and SURRENDER.
The Top having the power, the bottom, having to surrender. Enemas are more powerful on the psychological plane than on the physical plane. Think about what is being done to you or what you are doing to someone else. Other than Vaginal or Penile invasion the rectum, is the most intimate organ in the body. On top of that, deification is shame based, and even today is not spoken about in an open way. If you have ever had diarrhea in a Plane or in a Movie theatre you know those feelings while you run up and down the Ilse. The thoughts of..."they all know were I am going" . 'I wish this wasn't happening here". " I wish i was home". The feelings of embarrassment. (embarrassment means bare ass- ed.)Think about were we are doing and what is happening. We are invading someones personal body space. It is deliciously terrifying and energizing as well as very erotic. Will cause humiliation, shame, guilt and a feeling of helplessness.

Behavioral Types of Enemas

We have already spoken about the Tops and the Bottoms. The power and the surrender. Let's take a look at some of the other types of Enemas. The Punishment Enema is an enema that the recipient doesn't usually like very much, or loves it for its discomfort. It causes pain, sometimes tears, begging, and kicking and screaming. Long periods of time retaining the enema fluid, cramping, can create a very repentitive bottom. The erotic Enema is one that causes sexual tension and is enjoyable and soothing for the most part. When an erotic enema is given, it may even be taken by both parties. Feels good. A Soothing Enema is an Enema that sooths us and produces what is refereed to as soother behaviors. Soother behaviors create comfort and calm. In the right situations can cause cuddling, love, and wellll... errrr... well you know. LOL

Types of Enemas/Solutions
There are many solutions, to many to talk about here. I will talk about just a few. If you wish to create a punishment enema, I would suggest the Molasses Enema. Molasses when mixed with warm milk will cause pain that is unforgettable. Used with a Double Bard- ex Nozzle the subject will flail and beg for release. I suggest this be used for real punishment. Various types of soaps are also available. I would suggest Enema soap or Ca -stile Soap. A short list might look like this. Tea, Milk, Soap, Oils, warm, hot, cold, Fleets solution, and more. Alcohol Enemas are sensual if used correctly. In the same breath they are dangerous and can be deadly. Solutions chosen is up to the Top and The Bottom.
A word of Caution. The colon is coated with a mucus membrane. ANY solution upsets the balance of the PH of the colon. Different Enema Solutions cause different irritation to the colon. Simply BE CAREFUL! Extreme solutions can cause shock, permanent damage and coma, heart failure and death.

Nozzles and potpourri

Again as solutions there are many types of Nozzles available. The nozzles that are most popular are the Double Bard- ex Nozzle and the Single Bard -ex Nozzle. Both Nozzles have large retention balloons that retain the injected fluid until the balloons are deflated.
Another short list of the types of nozzles are: Wing tip, regular straight tipped, curved tip, Douche tip, colon tube and Barium nozzle. BE CAREFUL IS SHORT FOR KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. BEFORE YOU STICK IT IN. The wrong nozzle in the wrong place can at the wrong time,cause rectal bleeding, a perforated colon and a ruptured stomach.

Temperature and Height
Do not hang um high. The problems spoken about above can also be caused by a bag hung to high. Hot and overly cold solutions can cause shock, extensive on going pain and major damage . Very hot solutions cause a burn to the colon, rectum and to the stoma, much like a burn you may receive from a stove or grill.

The Whole "Big "E" idea.

The idea of the Enema is to have fun. For "Pain Puppies" they are right up your alley.
Power Tops and Masters find them luscious and desire to exercise their power. Slaves have no choice, but if done correctly they will have a sensual delight coming their way. Subs are no different and depending on the Top can also have a wonderful time.

Play Safe!

I know!I know! Stop with the play safe stuff already. Well I will if you play safe, learn before you leap and always remember. If you break the slave or sub YOU will not be able to play with them until they are well. " BE CAREFUL OUT THERE"!

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