Friday, January 16, 2009

Play Time???

What do you like most in the lifestyle? My favorite thing in the lifestyle, is when I have been good, then Mistress plays with me. I love that! We do lots and lots of things and we have a good time. How about you? whats your favorite thing in the lifestyle.

The Dungeon

Wow what a place. The dungeon, filled with bdsm furniture, crosses, tables, "racks", hanging whips, chains, leather cuffs, and much more. In the dungeon I go to, there are 2 main play areas. Two large rooms that join up and can hold 25 players and about 100 spectators. It is awesome and fun to just be there. There is a Pepsi bar, you will be served by slaves, dressed in leather garb, polite, and well trained in social behaviors. There is a stage for slave auctions and for demos. It is set up well and there are great people to mingle with and to play with.

The Players

All of my friends like to play. I have learned so much from the people that come and play. I continue to learn about human behaviors, and to observe the seen and the unseen. Sometimes you can actually smell the fear or anticipation of a slave or sub or a bottom being prepared for his or her turn on the cross. The muffled sounds of gaged slaves being whipped with a cat-o-nine tails can excite many of us. At times there are very loud and emotional screams that fill the air. You can taste the mood in the rooms. Players are those who play. In the dungeon there are many who come to play but they are lifestyle people. Play is used as a reward for some. At times you will also see punishment sessions. I have seen some of those and all I can say is, " I want to be good"! LOL If you have never been to a dungeon I suggest you go and visit. What a great time and education for all.


Shoot! There are even rules in the dungeon. Ah... yes there has to be rules. Here are some of the rules we have in our dungeons. 1. Have fun 2. Be safe 3.follow the rules.
OK the other rules! 1. Do not walk into someones play space, unless invited! 2. During a scene, stay away and don't interrupt the scene. 3. Do not be loud or crass.
4. Be polite 5. If protocol is used, use it. 6. Be respectful to Tops, Masters, Mistresses and to each other. Especially to the people who have the power. LOL. 7. If you are high or drunk you will be asked to leave. 8. Make sure you have your consent form signed. 9. Take Turns, and when you are done with a piece of equipment clean it off with what is provided.
10. Be aware of other people waiting for a piece of equipment. Well that should give you and idea.

Emotional Outlet

There are many benefits to play. Play releaves stress! Play gives practice to both the slave, sub or bottom and to the Masters and Mistresses. Playing together gives all of us a sense of community, of belonging. Playing gives some of us what we need and crave. Remember to always error on the side of less, rather than more. Never play while you are angry, upset, or your mind is not clear. That is a recipe for disaster.

Have Fun

Isn't having fun, being fulfilled and at peace why we play. After a good play session I like to look into the mirror the next day and see the marks and welts my Mistress has gifted to me. I sleep like a baby and have great dreams. Sometimes I am allowed to service my Mistress in the morning if I have made her proud of me by my dungeon behavior. Sometimes I feel so good after play that I have to be pinced to make sure I am not dreaming. :)

See all of you Monday! Going off to play at the dungeon this weekend. MW
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