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The Fetish Of Today Is: Peircing & Cutting

I am going to lump these two Fetishes together. Different in action, yes, Psychologically different, not. The need, want, desire to cut or pierce is what is called: "Edge Play". I do agree with that explanation. Piercing and Cutting are not for the faint of heart. Again I can not stress the importance of education before action. If mistakes are made with this kind of play, the consequences can be life threatening. Some piercings and cuttings are permanent.

Piercing & Cutting

Both of these fetishes, are power trips that are expressed in absolute ways. There are many variables for both, when viewed separately. Both of these fetishes take time to learn, time to execute, and time for adjustment of the mindset of the people involved. Both of these fetishes are breath taking, and create a sense of awe in spectators, heavy excitment for the paticipants, and changes within all invloved.


Cutting and Piercing have been around for a very long time. Slaves have been marked, pierced and even branded throughout recorded history. Some forms of branding, piercing and cuttings, were also used as decorative additions For Kings and Queens and Royalty for many centuries. The methods used long ago were crude, unsanitary and caused many deaths by infections that could not be controlled. Even when having ears, tongues, lips, pierced in those times,simple procedures for today, literally meant taking your life into your own hands. Tribes all around the world used piercing and cutting rituals. Piercing and Cuttings are, therefore not new to our culture. What is NEW is the diseases that are active in our time. Aids, Herpes1,2,3, STDS. GET IT? When ever there are bodily fluids involved BEWARE!

How/ Cutting

Well how now brown cow? To play these games, and to do a scene we need two WILLING people. Cooperation between the Top and Bottom is essential. Communication must be exact in nature at all times. Once the people have been chosen you will need: different gauge needles, disinfectant, gauze pads, sutures for large cuttings, scalpels, knives, Novocain/ Lydocain. a consent form, a place to lay down or a chair for the subject to sit in. The "Ole" Band-Aid are also good to have around. Deepness of the cutting must be discussed with all involved, as will size of the cutting, body placement and permanence. Do not think for a minute that you can be cut at 9:00pm and be healed by 4:00 AM. Once you engage in these types of scenes, the changes are close to being permanent. The slave lays down. The Arms and legs tied to the corners of the table. Let us say that we are going to cut the arm in this scene. The Top/Master/ Mistress will run the tip of the instrument up and down the shape chosen to out line that shape and to stimulate the subject. Eventually the top will exert more pressure to create the cut and the depth of the cut. It can be painful and it can be very pleasurable for both parties. After the cutting is finished the top will apply an anti-bacterial ointment. Some anti-bacterials actually create scaring, so ask your pharmacist before purchasing the oinment of salve.


The first half of the above paragraph explains the basics for piercing also.
The differences are: the insertion of the needle, duration of the time the needle is left in or taken out. Bleeding is somewhat lighter in nature. Piercings may also involve Body Jewelry. Can be very sensual, erotic, and painful for the bottom, as well as ,exhilarating for the top.

Why Piercings/Cuttings/Brandings?

Like stated before, many times, the Human Mind is an awesome and wonderful thing.
What the mind thinks up ,knows only the limits we place upon it. As fetishes are developed in our childhood and development stages, as we discover them, the drive to engage in them becomes known. If the drive is strong, we may find the desire to engage in these fetish behavior. These kinds of actions satisfy desire, sexuality, pleasure, eroticism and peace for the parties involved. Most of all playing is fun. I think we all like fun and play. Did you know that marking anyone in anyway, created bonding and pocession of that couple to one another? Well it does. Becareful who your partner at all times.

One More Warning

The area you play in should be sterile/clean.
Aids and ST D's are the gifts that keep on giving.
Staff infections of today, don't die easily
Permanent changes in mind, body and soul.
Becareful who you are playing with. KNOW THEM.

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