Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Topic For Today Is; NUTS! NUTS! NUTS!

Nuts! Well there are the nuts that males have, although some don't have any balls at all. There are the nuts that females have, ovaries. Then there are the nuts like peanuts, walnuts, pistachio nuts and then there is the question... "Am I nuts?" "Are we nuts?"

How many?

How many people in the bdsm lifestyle, slaves or Masters or Mistresses have at one time or another asked themselves: "Am I nuts?" "Is my partner nuts?" It is funny, but I believe at one time or another we all ask ourselves or others those questions. First a slave, I have asked myself that question more than one time. In fact, how many of you have actually taken a leave of absence from the lifestyle, only to find out, that you can not escape it, and it will not leave you? It will change with time, and will evolve. Our "lifestyle genes" will eventually come back stronger than ever before.

Back to the "nuts" or ovaries, or little nuts

Well????? we all have em don't we? I mean sexual organs. Last time I looked I had mine, do u have yours? The hormones that are produced by the testicles/male nuts and the hormones produced by the ovaries /female nuts, create Libido. Libido creates sexual drive, and determines the level of those drives. Developmental process determines, what is pleasurable and what we perceive as needs, wants, and desires. Warning. One of the interesting things about Libido and hormone levels is the fact, that there are many males and females without testicles or ovaries but they still crave the sexual life and are very sexual in nature. The reason this stands as a warning is that if you wish to shed your libido the loss of your testicles or ovaries you may not accomplish that with their removal.

The body is sneaky

The human body acts and reacts, on a self driven level at times. We call that involuntary reaction. Heart beats, lungs breath, kidney's filter. We do not have to think about those things, they happen on their own. It is also the case with the brain. It creates hormones in the adrenal glands and hypo-thalamus. When the body looses something it will try to recreate it somewhere else in the body. The body can never catch up to the levels of hormones lost by castration male or female, but it will adjust itself and hormones can and will be produced.


The question evolves into this: Am I nuts? or Am I comfortable inside of my mind, heart and soul, and body? If you are in the lifestyle, and you are content, well adjusted, not in conflict or crisis management, then are you nuts? I would say not. If you are in the lifestyle and your relationships harm your well being, you hate yourself and everyone around you, your mental state is out of control, and you can't decide to stay or go, but you stay. Yes ! You need help. Nuts... nah!!! Human. Yes!

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