Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Topic for Today Is: Emotions/Feelings

Feelings are not right are wrong, they are feelings. Emotions are nothing more of less than Energy-n-Motion. These are powerful statements. We shall look at these subjects today.


So what are the major feelings. Well there is: sadness, glad, happy, anger, fear, depression and hate. There are many sub areas of feelings. All of our feelings come from one place. Clinically speaking, feelings come from our brains. We can carry that to the heart center too, but feelings are generated by chemicals reacting to stimuli in the brain. Feelings are no more or less than thoughts. POWERFUL THOUGHTS!


Feelings motivate us to act. Feelings motivate us to act in certain ways. In the lifestyle, seeing as we are intensifying our consciousness we must be aware of, how we are feeling. The key word for feeling and action is balanced. You do not want to scene when you are angry. Anger is one of the most powerful emotions. Anger is also known as an unbridled emotion. I have had one experience with an Angry Mistress and the results where not pleasant for me, and the aftermath was not pleasant for her either. The best time to play is when we are in the emotional middle ground. BALANCED.


To Emote our feelings is to "give off" certain signals that others can feel, see, and detect. When we enter a dungeon or play space it is always best to "Feel" out the situation before we play. Do you feel safe, comfortable?, "at home"? Are you afraid?
Are you anxious? Are the people friendly and warm? Do you feel a part of, rather than alone. All of these emotions should be felt, observed, and acted upon accordingly.

Are you the Master of your Emotions?

Most of us are not the Masters of our emotions. Even the Masters are not totally in charge of how they handle their feelings. I hear a lot of people saying, "She made me feel". "He made me feel". These statements tell us and show that the people saying these things have no concept of them being the Master of their own feelings. You can choose how you feel with work, concentration, and desire. For us in the lifestyle it is a good idea to master our feelings, realize that they are thoughts and that we can control them. Eventually we can actually decide how we wish to feel.

We live everyday with our feelings. Like anything, feelings can be controled, modulated and molded. It is up to all of us to become reponcible about how we use and show our feelings.


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