Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok Here is the Deal!


We have a community here that are people that want to be real.
Without your participation this site will die. Without your participation
here on this blog it will soon be gone. It is up to you. Funny thing
once something is gone, then it is missed. When we have , then we '
do not value what we have.

Yesterday we asked for questions, comments, real stories and your
participation. I am wondering what it is you seek. Are you afraid to ask
questions? Are you afraid to state an opinion, make a commitment?

It is up to all of you, everyone of us has a responcibility to the
community here. It is up to you. Mark

This is a MW production 2009c written for:
Mental health problems should be brought to the atention of Mental healthcare profesionals

1 comment:

Watashi-Wa-GTC said...

Funny thing that one of the first few entries I read from your blog is to ask for comments.

You are doing great with this blog, and I have only just started reading, so I do not have any comments at this moment. What I do have are questions.

I am a male Dom who is new to the scene. I met an experience female sub that I am really into, we started talking online, and met up a couple of times after. The question is how do I proceed to dominate her? Are there any resources to how to "Dom talk" so to speak?