Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Topic of Today is: Mind Games

" WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME!" The child cowers, he or she is feeling scared. The thoughts in the child's head grows. He runs to his mother. Mommy don't tell on me please don't! The mother stares, in anger, at the child. "WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER COMES HOME!" Once more the child begs his mother, don't tell on me please, I won't do it again... honest. Mom is very angry now and says, " If you don't stop bothering me, it will be worse for you". Wait until your father hears what you did". The child goes away and ponders his fate. The waiting will be worse than the punishment.

Did you know???

Did any of us know that what Mom did was a Mind fuck? Kinda funny now to look back at those times. I was not a good child, always in mischief and always "up to something all the time". How about you? Ever sit in the Principals office? They made you wait before you went in to see him or her. More Mind Screwing. In a holding cell at a local jail waiting for bail for driving while drunk... more waiting.


Waiting allows the mind to conjure up all kinds of Pictures of pain, discomfort, consequences and the illusion of FEAR. The mind, being so powerful, will try and reason the situation out. When there are to many unknowns the mind goes into the fear mode. All things become larger than life and the mind then moves into the Red Alert Mode. Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! Once the Red Alert alarm goes off, the mind takes us to the panic mode and then finally to the terror mode. For some of us that terror can be a sensual and erotic experience. It can be a "total turn on".


The Domme' and Master have many devices to create a good mind fuck. The blind fold, gag, ear plugs, caging, isolation, temperature, all offer the Master and Domme' an opportunity to control sensory input. When sensory input is cut off from the brain, the brain goes through the same steps mentioned above. The end result is Red Alert ,panic and them possibly terror. The Adrenal Gland takes off in high gear and creates many kinds of body responses. I have seen people urinate or even defecate on themselves out of total panic and terror.

This Is No Joke!

Mind Fuck is not something to play with. I am not saying don't use it in your bdsm life. What I am saying is think it through. Plan the scene. Talk about it with your partner. Make sure, that the game does not trigger out of control behaviors and consequences we are not prepared to deal with. Monitor your play subject or partner throughout the experience. A Good Mind Fuck can be a wonderful experience and can create as much stimulation as a good beating.

Most of us.

Most of us are in to much of a rush to do a scene or to play. When we play with someones mind we MUST be aware that these exercises are far reaching. I call attention to the total experience. If the experience is bringing pleasure or even long term pleasure on some level ,then it is a good thing. If the behaviors and scenes we do with out partners cause long term mental problems, or uncontrollable responses, it is time to step back, slow down and think it through. If you are interested in this subject I would suggest reading and learning about it before engaging in this type of play.

If you are experiences any emotional issues, please seek out in person mental health care.
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