Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Touch, Touching

When I think back on my days in High School, all I wanted to do was to "cop a feel"! Sound familiar? In my life today all I want to do is COP a FEEL. LOL:) What I mean by this is, I have learned, and I also teach, (touch therapy) that touching and feeling on a physical level is it's own language. Touching is a very intimate act if done properly. Properly!!!!! Get out of here! Properly! Nah! You mean to tell me that I have been touching my slave, my Master, my Mistress, my Wife in incorrect ways?

Correct / Incorrect:
Never! There is no way to touch someone in a wrong way, assuming, that everyone involved is OK with us being in their space, and both parties agree on the touching and play involved. Again; There is no way to touch someone in a wrong way, assuming, that everyone involved is OK with us being in their space, and both parties agree on the touching and play involved. Respecting one another and one anothers space is a necessity!

A Different Language
The fascination of touch therapy, offers us a chance to explore and to feel new and more intense and meaningful moments in our sexual lives. Touch therapy also brings with it, anticipation, stimulation, thought, a meditative state, a calming and bliss. I like the bliss part best. Bliss is the result of the culmination of all the components when we put them together.

Just Think About It.
As human beings we are all made up of electrical impulses, signals from one part of the body to the others. We are all joined with fiber, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, blood, veins and connective tissue. What we all share are the millions of nerve sensors placed all over our magnificent machine. If we stop and think what we can sense at any one time, it makes current technology seem dwarfed. The issue is, we do not take the time to use the sensors that are placed in our bodies and on our bodies to the fullest extent, or even to a lesser extent. We as humans are result orientated. Getting there is what we do. "Man the sails", and "Are we there yet" are common problems for all of us.

Enjoy The Journey!

Sit down, across from your partner. Cross legged is best, but pick a position that works for you both. Naked is better than clothed. Be patient~! Extend one hand to each other. One of you begin to look and study the hand you hold. There is much detail in the most powerful instrument in the world...'the human hand". Hold it, feel it, look into the persons eyes with some kind of deeper thought and intensity. Massage the fingers, the joints in the fingers, palm, skin. Now switch and allow your partner to do the same. Close your eyes, float away, dream and feel. Focus on the touch of the other persons hand and it's movements. Focus on what you are doing and the feelings you are having. Remember be patient. Next on to the face. Focus your touch with small circular motions. Start at the forehead and massage , in round circles. Work with the lines in the brow, touch them, allow your fingers to explore them, massage them. The eye lids, ears, cheeks all have thousands of sensory nerve bodies. Move up to the scalp, behind the ears, pet lightly, explore the textures of the skin. Look at one another and feel the intensity building. Whew!

You Gets What You Pays For!

That's right, you get back what you put into the Touch Method. You may also find a good book on Tartaric Yoga or The Cascara's. All of these methods work if you work with them. Our lifestyle on many levels commands us to be the best communicators and touchers in the world. As the comercial on TV used to say, several years ago, "Try It" "You ll Like It!"

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