Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Topic For Today is: Neuro Jam

Long ago, well not that long ago.... At a dungeon, playing, and drinking and having fun. I sat down next to a man that had been in the lifestyle for several years. Most of the "players" in the club had many drinks, or whatever and it was at times noticeable.
The man, Sir was amazed at this phenomena. He could not understand why people wanted to jam up their senses, when bdsm is a tactile and sensory experience . He began to explain something called "texture".


As Sir continued, he spoke about and compared, Transmitter Surfaces, in terms that a dress maker, or Tailor would understand. As wool is coarse, as hair on the body can be coarse. Smooth as Silk, to touch and to feel, inner thighs, the nape of the neck. I think you get the picture here.
He continued by talking with us about the ultimate bdsm experience. He spoke of not De-sensitizing but of sensitizing the bdsm experience. I spoke of the "textures" of touch, feeling, and even smelling". He pointed out that bdsm is a time to use the mind to heighten the experience.

Lilly Tomlin
For the " youngsters" out there, we used to watch a TV show called Laugh In. It was a show of cutting edge jokes and skits, that pushed the limits of the NBC sensors. It was an awesome show and for many years the ratings were very high. There was a segment on that show where Lilly Tomlin was dressed up as an old switchboard ma- rm. Sitting there answering calls, that she would then transfer by hardwired to a hole in the PBX board. As more calls came in, more wires had to be moved. Eventually the switchboard would blow up from the overload. Lilly used to say, " One Ringie Dingie" "Two Ringie Dingie" "three".... After the PBX board blew up she would turn to face the camera with black soot on her face.It was a great skit. Our brain, our PBX boards are no different than that. If we jam up our senses we can not have the ultimate experience that we seemingly want.

The Idea

We started with Neuro-Jam and that switchboard represents our brains. There are many kinds of Neuro-Jam. Overload of the senses include: Stress, worry, anxiety, anger, and fear, and can and do jam up our Neuro Sockets. To be released from those Neuro Blockers some of us will turn to substances that they think will "set them free". The problem is, the substances we use confuses the Neuro-Senders and Receivers, and cause blockage to the Sensory Motor System.


Sir had gathered a nice crowd of people around him by this time. He was asking the members of the club why they needed to jam up the feelings that they were experiencing, rather than trying to enhance their experiences.

A Slave Girl said, " I don't like the pain of it all, so I drink to numb myself up a bit.
I was thinking, if she doesn't like the pain, maybe she needs to find a Sensual Master rather than the one she has.
A Male Slave said," I don't really know. It comes with the territory".
I wondered, does it come with the territory, or is it what we make of it?
A Mistress and a Master stated, " I do it because it feels good, and we can!"
I was most disturbed by that. I was trusting someone with a whip in their hands and my welfare, and I knew they were not in control of their Motor Nerves and skills, or their Sensory Nerves. I felt like hiding.

Final Thoughts

I too have drank to dull myself up. I even used at one point Emelia cream on my legs and Ass. I wanted to make my Mistress so very proud of me. It was a dungeon party. Whenever, anyone plays, a group will gather. I wanted them to think I was the best slave and that I could take it. Anyone out there ever feel that way? Well I took 3 full sessions and was still able to take more. My Mistress was very proud! The crowd went nuts and cheered me. I felt like a hero. Well.....errrr.....I felt like .....well I felt like a cheater and a liar. It wasn't real! I know that now.

Stripped Naked

On return home one evening, after getting naked and setting the table. I knelt at M' Ladies feet. I used my eyes to signal her that I need to talk. After what seemed like hours , she asked me to tell her what was going on. I confessed what I had done.
She looked into my eyes forever. Here is what she said, "First off you will be punished. "Second, your motive was pure, your actions were not." She added, "How dare you drink and use chemicals on or in my body. That is MY body not yours . "Do You Understand?" I nodded yes and looked down at the floor.
Further she said, "Your punishment is simply this". I will not play or touch you for 2 months, on top of that, I am banishing you to your room for 1 week. You will only come out to serve me and do your chores. OUCH! Hurt like a wasp sting, right in my heart. I asked permission to leave and I went off to my room.

I know today, be real, heighten the moment, don't diminish it, know your place, and value what you have. Life is simpler that way now, isn't it? MK


If you are having any mental health problems, consult (in person ) a mental care worker.
This is an MK production 2008c and is written for
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