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The Topic For Today is: Hard On's -You Can't Go Back!

What? has he lost his mind? Hard Ons? What in God's name is he thinking?

The Answers:

No I have not lost my mind!
Yes, Hard Ons!
and... I am thinking about the effects "penile thinking has on us, and what the results can be from thinking with the wrong Head or Clitoris.

On Television and in the Movies.

On Television and in the movies, they have a new device. The device they have introduced to us is something that the writers and directors call the re-do.
When things go wrong or get out of hand, the story line changes into a nightmare and some how, the characters get to have re-do. They get to go back in time, before the nightmare and re-do whatever they have done wrong. Well.... you and I both know that this does not happen in real life. Especially in our sex lives. If we look at the cases of Aids, unwanted pregnancies, and damaged people through abuse ,we can see that re-Do's are fairy tails in real life. " Fractured Fairy tails".

What is Clitoris and Dick Brain ?

We should all know what Clitoris and Dick brain are. We all have experienced it more than once. Even New Born's' fondle themselves. Let's face the facts. SEX IS VERY POWERFUL! The director of sex, the brain, is tuned to pro-create at all costs.
Sex is the most powerful force we have, number one being the desire for life.
Dick Brain and Clitoris Brain are so strong that at times reason, logic, and feelings of right and wrong are a forgone conclusion. Nothing matters until we have orgasm. Let me be clear. Nothing Matters until we have orgasm. Once the proper pieces of the sexual puzzle are put into place and the sequence is started, it is very likely that one will achieve his or her goal of Orgasm.

So whats the big deal?

The big deal is this. As a cent ion being we have a responsibility to our sexual partners and our sexual community. There are no free passes given for damaging others, or our selves. There are no re-Do's and I am sorry becomes meaningless after the damage is done. Emotional damage, permanent physical damage, UN-wanted life's being brought into the world, spiritual damage are to high of a price to pay just for a quickie.
Relationships lost ruined, changed forever, on a SEXUAL WHIM. IT IS NO WAY TO LIVE! In some cases it is A WAY TO DIE, or to kill our spirit.

BDSM and a Hard Penis and Clit

Being in the lifestyle is a blessed way to live. It is a choice for some and a need for others. In fact, being in the lifestyle gives us even more responsibility, not less.
Sexual Freedom is not free at all. There are Dungeon rules, boundaries, self imposed limits, safe words, to protect us. Believe it or not, there is order in the seemingly confused atmosphere of a bdsm party, Dungeon, private party or just playing with our partners. The word that can keep us safe is: RESPONSIBILITY!

A Short Story.
Being a therapist/counselor has allowed me to see things on many levels. Do not think for a minute that I don' like wreck- less abandon. I love to play. I love to be irresponsible. I love to run around a-muck. That is why they call me spankey. I am full of mischief and fun.
Here is what I have learned in the last several years.
Once upon a time, I was married to a lovely woman. She was my Dome'and Mistress and wife. She was my High School sweetheart and a second generation Dome' We had 2 beautiful kids, a nice house, 2 sport cars in the garage and all the "stuff" that most of us want. I had a great Job and I was privileged to work at a large Hospital. What could be better? I am a " slave heart" and I was trained and brought into the lifestyle by her when I was 16 and she was 17yrs old. I was seduced you might say. I carried her books home, did her homework for her, cleaned her room, and treated her like the Goddess she seemed to be. If I did not, I wasn't allowed to see her, take her out, or even get a kiss. I Loved her so much that I obeyed her. Ah.... life was grand. We had many friends in the lifestyle and all was going along wonderfully. As a Male one of the fantasies (that some males have) that I had was that of being Castrated. Yes Castrated. In fact some Mistresses will take their slaves testicles as a prize. I started reading stories about that from the Internet. I also was reading about Cuckolding. For some strange reason that also turned me on. My wife soon became interested in the subjects I was reading about. She found them hot and sexy.

What Happened

What happened was that my Penis was doing the thinking. Her Power and her Clitoris
were thinking for her. Get it? Do you Get it? My lovely Dom me' decided to find a young hot bod at the local Dungeon and cuckold me. You must remember I was hers, addicted to her ,needed her, wanted her, and I could not live without her.
I went along with the Cuckolding. IT CHANGED OUR WHOLE RELATIONSHIP
I became the third wheel. I was now shut out. My wife began to talk to her new slave about Castrating me. That is correct. Real! NOT GO BACK EVER, CASTRATION!
My wife decided that, she wanted to proceed. I DID NOT! On the thought of her leaving me, I agreed . I do not justify that here. Nor do I recommend it or approve of it. I am telling you what happens when your Penis or Clitoris becomes who you are and dictates your actions.

Now What?

Being ADDICTED to your partner is dangerous! Needing rather than wanting is different. Be careful.
I needed her so badly that I obeyed an insane command to do what I was told. Taken to a Veterinarian, drugged, strapped to a metal table, Local anesthetic given. Within the terror, being played with until I was going to orgasm. Then as I came, ( I know this sounds like fiction, but truth is stranger than fiction) my testicles dropped into a metal tray. I blacked out and woke up in my bedroom.


Well it ain't pretty. I became infected. Lost my Scrotum. Lost my wife, (she ran off with her new stud slave.) Almost lost my penis from infection. I now get many Urinary Tract Infections and when they occur I wear incontinent pants. I can function with the help of Viagra, and Hormone Gels.

Why did I share this.
I shared my story of Penis thinking, Power thinking, Clitoris thinking because it is DANGEROUS! Yes it is fun and it is exciting. THE CONSEQUENCES MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!
If just one person who reads this has a better understanding why mental health is so important, and that being responsible to one another and to ourselves, then it was worth sharing my story with you.

If you are having any mental health issues, please contact an in person mental care professional.
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