Thursday, December 11, 2008

Topic for Today. Feelings/Emotions

Feelings are not right or wrong, it is what we choose to do with them that makes them right or wrong." NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! play when your emotions are running "high" or low. You may hurt someone else, and you may also hurt yourself!

The BDSM lifestyle by it's very design "keys" on and heightens emotional energy and thought. Some people in the lifestyle feel tangled in a webb of feelings that they can not understand. Some of us have adjusted to the higher levels of understanding our feelings. Even so it can still be dangerous to allow our unbridled feelings to run our lives or our scenes.

Several years ago I went to a training school. I wanted to learn how to become a better slave. My Mistress wanted to learn protocol and this place in Niles Michigan was recommended. I won't go on about what happened there, it was wonderful, but I will say my emotions were stirred.

On returning home, I felt kinda low and didn't want to work. I went to my office and didn't do much of anything. I was "out there" somewhere, but I did not have my feet planted on the ground. It took 3 days and several phone calls to figure out I was in the middle of Sub-Drop. Sub Drop is sort of like a mini depressed state of mind.

On the fourth day, my thinking and emotions leveled off. This taught me that the emotions of the lifestyle, top or bottom, slave or owner are very powerful. I have seen an angry Mistress tear her slaves butt to raw meat out of anger and frustration.

Always remember if it's broken you can not play with it. I am suggesting, to learn to feel your emotions, but always modulate your actions. On the vanilla side of things here is an unknown fact: We choose how to feel. That's correct! After the "knee-jerk reaction, we choose how we feel. We do not know that we are choosing, but how we feel is something we choose.

Here are a few things to do to get your feelings balanced.

Meditate, clear your mind, focus on how you want to feel, talk to others about your feelings. Most of all if you need emotional help seek it. Mostest of all have fun and take care of each other. M.W.

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If you are having emotional issues we recommend seeing a professional in person.

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