Thursday, December 18, 2008

Know Yourself

Kinda think that you know yourself? I believe that the common line is, " sure I know myself". Now take a minute and think about that for a while. "Sit down take your shoes off and set a spell". Think! Think! Think! What do you know about you?

Well, let's see. I know I am a male, I have needs. Sometimes I wish to be in another place, another time, doing something else. I love the BDSM lifestyle and I love to live it all the time. I like Pizza, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream. I was verbally abused when I was a child. I was left behind. I felt inferior as a child. I feel unloved at times and even unwanted. Get the picture?

We must know ourselves first before being able to share, "The deep dark places" and the secrets that we hide. I often used to think, "If they really knew Me, really knew me, I'd be locked up in a Mental Institution. Know your weak points and know your strengths.

BDSM can be a wonderful JOURNEY and is not just a destination.

If we know ourselves we bring ourselves to the table. What do you bring to the table? What does your partner bring to the table? The key for unlocking ourselves to ourselves is, self honesty. The key to unlocking our partner is intimacy.

In my practice, I have seen many couples who struggle with evolution and change in their relationships. It may seem very strange for lifestyle-rs to struggle, but I assure you it is not. I find that several BDSM life- style-rs and players think that after you find the right person, the evolution, of the relationship is over. We seem to think, the journey is finished. The fact is, that the journey must continue.

It starts with knowing who you are, what you are made of, what your needs are, wants, and desires. Further the journey must continue and resolution must be brought to your "dark places" our "secrete places" for us to grow and maintain a true relationship and a mental balance. Do you know who you are? Remember this is a journey, but every journey starts with investigation, awareness, and change. It is not easy but it is worth the love and peace that you will foster in your lives.


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